Better Undead Than Alive 2

In 2009 Code666 celebrates its 10th birthday. Born in 1999 with the release of the first album of Russian group Rakoth, it has always aimed to offer original and innovative music, without bothering to follow passing trends but instead following precise editorial themes which have made it a cult label over the years. In 2003 Code666 produced "Better Undead Than Alive", a compilation of unpublished and exclusive tracks of its own bands which soon became very popular and was vital for the growth of the label and the concept that has inspired it from the start. Now the second chapter - "Better Undead Than Alive 2"- is coming out, even better and in a grander style. We have thought that offering unpublished and exclusive tracks is not enough; a record should also have consistency and a style of its own. Thus Code666 has decided to resort to the enormous talent of Davide Tiso, mastermind of Avantgarde Metal Gods Ephel Duath, whose task has been to assemble, edit and merge the various tracks by means of little songs and interludes acting as links. The record, in this way, goes beyond the summing up of each piece and becomes an unprecedented concept album, a record with a meaningful course both as a whole and in each song. We are proud of it as it represents in the best possible way the ideas and the passion that have characterized Code666 for ten years.

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