Men In Underwear - Live At Mad Butcher

In the Spring of 2023 the band was underway on an epic 65 date European tour threading through 16 countries. The first consolidated tour post-Covid was a tortuous and convoluted figure 8 routing which was an agglomeration of several previously postponed segments running out from The Netherlands to Serbia and back again with a few festivals cobbled in as bookends. In the midst of this non-contiguous Frankenstein's monster of a tour we found ourselves with a couple off-days in Germany at the end of one such segment. Subsequently we were invited by Mike at Mad Butcher HQ to go hang out in Gottingen, eat some sausages and nip into the studio to track an impromptu one-take "live" album with the masterful Tom Spotter at the controls. What transpired was a whirlwind of 11 classic tunes with everything finished in 48 hours bar the mixing. We had wanted to take this opportunity to record something with the current hard hitting European team of myself, Boris Maninveldt on Drums, Tim Duwel on T-Bone, D.J Heinstra on Sax and Adrien de Mieux on Bass. This is the crew that has largely been the touring unit for the last 6 years and more in Europe and so it was a great opportunity to record these tunes as they sound now as of course everything changes organically over time. The album was tentatively titled Bucket's Foreign Legion however Mike thought that was too warlike in these unsettled times and thus the title Men In Underwear. So thanks for that Mike. And the sausages.

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