We Are The O's

The Os began one sunny afternoon in the summer of 2008 in Dallas, Texas when, Taylor Young and John Pedigo, decided to join forces. Their quick courtship turned into love at first play. Having known one another through each others bands (Polyphonic Spree, Young Heart Attack, Slick 57, Young James Long, Rose County Fair, Boys Named Sue, P. W. Long, and The BAcksliders) and whiskey (Jack, Johnny, Makers, etc.), the attraction was simple and our mission determined. If the world is an oyster and we are gobblers, then the planet is a tortilla and the Os are a stick of butter. The Os play the singing along, dancing along, drinking along, and playing along type of music. And as Os go, we have always told ourselves it isnt about the girls, the money, the hotel rooms, the alchemy, the out of state voter registry, the bar tabs, the chain smoking, the heartaches, the hardships, the expenses, the remembering of the road, the forgetting of what really happened, the consulates in several countries, the conclusion of tours, the beginning of hangovers, the melting of cheese on chili, the secrets to remaining hydrated on the road, the thought that maybe one day well have zappers instead of tour buses, the smell of spring in the Northeast, the dew on the trees in the Northwest, the summer heat in the southwest, the dodging of hurricanes in the Southeast, or even the music.

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