Leaether Strip


LEAETHER STRIP takes you with this 22-track double-CD on a hard journey through anger, pain and rejection. It is an uplifting voyage in his inner self through which Claus Larsen can only return stronger, relieved from past ghosts he could finally set free in the whole writing process. Dark EBM /Industrial remains Claus Larsens best therapy and the listener will definitely grasp his growing anger on this new album. Upbeat rhythms and aggressive electronic sequences help him fight the shadows gathering in his head, while the strength of his words and vocals allow him to defeat the roots at the very source of his personal hell. It is a world of pain that we all share. A pain that often makes us feel like empty shells. In addition to two cover versions of DEPECHE MODE classics, LEAETHER STRIP also delivers a bombastic reprise of the German cult song "Lili Marlene". Tracks CD1 Aengelmaker: 01 angelmaker 02 Anger 03 I cant sit still 04 Strap me down again 05 We are dust 06 Genetic fuckup 07 Lili Marlene 08 White flag 09 Dying to live 10 When youre inside me 11 Black Celebration. CD2 Stolen Fethers: 01 Stolen fethers 02 Insect warrior 03 I will never hurt you again 04 Treatment 05 Before I fade 06 La danse macabre 07 Dont you dare die on me 08 Spinning 09 So hard they fall 10 Deliver me 11 Blasphemous rumours

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