Guns On The Run

For Glory

Guns on the run formed in 2005 on the backstreets of south Philadelphia. Started by Tommy Gunnz, frontman for local hardcore band 30 Second Warning decided he wanted more from his music than an abandoned basement so he forged Guns On The Run. They are a rock'n'roll ensemble to cater to the cries of the common man. Songs people can relate to from love and loss, to poverty and the all American bar fight. Since this day the guns have recorded 3 albums. Dragged themselves through 3 grueling US tours and continue to work hard and put out music for one simple reason. It keeps them alive. This is real rock and roll for real people. No personal gain, just hard work and sacrifice. The first full length, "For Glory", was released in 2006 on the legendary Blackout Records in its dying day. The 2nd release, "I'll See You in Elysia", was released on the smaller local subsidiary of Blackout, Creep Records, based out of Westchester PA. The third most recent album "The Sands of Time are Running Low", though also recorded by Arik Victor, and produced by Tommy and Arik, has a different feel to it with the addition of their new bassist Bobby. This band continues to improve, progress, and grow with every show and every release. This band will change the world.

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