Nardwuar The Human Serviette

Welcome To My Castle

An interview only (no music) compilation featuring two of Nardwuar's Public Access TV Specials from the 1990s. Also included is a bonus DVD called "Nard Raw" of stimulating bonus interview material. DVD 1 (3.5 HRS): Welcome to My Castle! The Evaporators "Welcome to My Castle!" Nardwuar vs The Junos Nardwuar vs Gilligan Nardwuar vs Prime Minister John Turner Nardwuar vs Mayuko Hino + Nimrod Celebrity Trackdown Dunebuggy Trip Nardwuar vs. Jello Biafra Nardwuar vs. President Gerald Ford Nardwuar vs Sonic Youth The Evaporators "Detroit '69" Nardwuar vs Jimmy Pattison Nardwuar Gets Spat on ! I'm Going to France! (Welcome to my Castle Part 2) The Evaporators "I'm Going To France!" Nardwuar vs. Micky Dolenz Nardwuar vs. Kim of the Muffs Nardwuar vs. Tom Vu Fanzine Reviews Nardwuar vs. Ernest Angley Nardwuar vs. Anthony Robbins Nardwuar vs. Flea Nardwuar vs. Pierre Berton Nardwuar vs. Degrassi Kids Cleo eats a Mouse! The Evaporators (Nardwuar's Band) 8 Videos from The Evaporators new CD/LP "Gassy Jack and other Tales". Please Note: This DVD does NOT include *any* music by any of the artists interviewed. DVD 2 (2 HRS): Nard Raw : Bonus Interviews! Nardwuar vs. Tommy Chong Nardwuar vs. Timothy Leary Nardwuar vs. Cynthia Plaster Caster Nardwuar vs. Ron Jeremy Nardwuar vs. Nirvana 1994 Nardwuar vs. Krist Novoselic 1999 Nardwuar vs. Krist Novoselic 1991 Nardwuar vs. Courtney Love 1995 Nardwuar vs. Courtney Love 1994 Nardwuar vs. Courtney Love 1993 Nardwuar vs. Courtney Love 1991 Nardwuar vs. Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau

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