L'oeuf Raide

Are You Eggsperienced

Behind the machines, alongside synchronized videos by VJ Tanguy,l'Oeuf Raide (pronounce Uff red, means "the stiff egg") cooks setsf or eyes and ears. A conversation between heavy sounds and pictures that's going to get you high. From hip hop to jungle break beat, via electronica, everythings in, plus a little bit of fun. A rich recipient that wont stop you from burning the dancefloor. L'Oeuf Raide invites you to discover his third opus live: Are You Eggsperienced?, an even wider spectrum of musical experiments. If you think cinematic, there is some, if you think break, there is some too. But its also rap, trip hop, jungle and even rock. An explosive cocktail, that reminds you of those hard homemade liquors they drink in prohibition films. LOeuf Raide turns himself into a musical handgrenade : take the pin out of it. It will eventually burst into pieces, like multi-flavored popcorn. Hendrixian quotation is not random here, it s a genuine laboratory experiment we have to deal with. All kind of Eggsperimentations, Eggsplorations in unknown fields and soundtracks for imaginary movies. You wont get unharmed through it, like Alice turning to a woman, we walk through the mans psychedelic mirror. Be ready to throw yourself in this wild trip, in which youll meet funk brassbands, jazz themes, indus drumkits, rock progressions and real rhythm n blues digressions So are you ready to attempt the eggsperience?

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