Welcome To The Protest

Punk music has always had an interest in political commentary. Although some bands chose not to get involved at all and others would occasionally make their opinions known, there were some bands who made it a regular part of their lyrical content. Bands like Clash, Dead Kennedys and D.O.A. made it clear that they thought racism sucked, war was wrong and not to trust politicians. As Frank Zappa, the author of Trouble Every Day, must have thought when the punk era exploded, "Are we really still having to sing about this shit?" This DVD is a collection of short pieces dealing with protests and riots mainly in the Pacific Northwest. A lot of the footage deals with the World Trade Organization meetings that were disrupted by protesters in Washington state. There are a lot of heavy images and discussion during the course of the disc but it starts out with a hilarious telling of the disturbance on the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle after a punk gig. Some inebriated punker did something naughty which caused the ferry workers to take the law into their own hands and things got ugly. WITH MUSIC BY: The Accused, The Dehumanizers, Potbelly, Infra ED, Riot Cop, I.V. League & Fyle Formatz "Another highpoint of the disc is a music video by Washington band Potbelly. The disc is chockfull of info, music, art and the old "give 'em Hell" spirit and that is something we all need to embrace in these trying times."

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